How to remove background in Photoshop

One of the important concepts in photoshop is to remove background in photoshop from an image. The process is actually quite simple if the image has a single solid color as its background but it becomes a mess sometimes if the image contains the background of multiple colors. So now if we want to remove background all we need is a good selection skill no matter which tool you are using in photoshop. So, let’s discuss each and every technique that we could use to achieve our goal.

There are many methods of removing background in photoshop:

  • Magic Eraser Tool
  • Background Eraser Tool
  • Quick Masking
  • Layer Masking
  • Gradient Masking
  • Vector Masking
  • Channel Masking .. and many more…

In this article we will be discussing first two methods of “How to remove background in Photoshop”.

Magic Eraser Tool to Remove Background in Photoshop

It is one of the easiest techniques to get the job done quickly with few limitations of course. You must only use this tool if the image has a single color background.

  1. Right-click on the eraser tool option from Toolbox and select the “Magic Eraser Tool”.
  2. Adjust the “Tolerance” value as per your need from Toolbar at the top (The higher it is, the more edges it will be eating from the object that you want).
  3. Also, make sure “Continuous” checkbox in the toolbar is selected or else it will erase the color that you click from the entire image.
  4. Now, just click the color you want to be erased from the background and it will get the job done.



Remove Background in Photoshop Quick Mask Option (Q)

You can use this technique to remove background in photoshop but before using it, make sure you press “D” and reset the Colours to Black Foreground and White Background. Also, remember that Brush Tool (Shortcut is B) by default uses the Foreground color.

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  1. Press D shortcut key to reset the colours to default black and white.
  2. Press Q shortcut key to enter the quick mask mode.
  3. It will turn the canvas to red which indicates that nothing is selected.
  4. Now, select the brush tool.
  5. Use white foreground color for the object that you want in selection and use black foreground color for the portions in your image that you want out of selection. (Remember, in masking, Black conceals and white reveals). You will notice that black color is turning the image red, while white color is remove the reds.
  6. You can press “X” shortcut key to easly toggle between foreground and background colors.
  7. Once, you are done, again press Q to exit the Quick Mask Mode.
  8. You will notice that it will convert it into selection.
  9. Now, press ctrl J and you will get a separate copy of your image as a layer with transparent background.

Layer Masking to remove background in Photoshop

Layer Masking is a non-destructable method of selections which can be used to remove background. This is an ideal method of working in photoshop as the changes that we make on layers are not permanent. It adds a mask to an existing layer which we can paint with black or white respectively to hide or show the relevent portions of that layer. Now, the layer in this case can be some smart object, raster layer or may be some image. 

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  1. Open a new Image in Photoshop: go to File -> Open.
  2. Select Quick selection Tool from the toolbar (Shortcut is W).
  3. Now select the portions of image that you want inside the selection (Adjust Tolerance from Toolbar accordingly).

  4. Once the selection is done, go to Menu Bar and select Layer -> Layer Mask -> Reveal Selection.

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